Items to Bring

Please note that these items are listed for the benefit of Significant Others. Students receive their own list from the school, and they may differ.


  1. SUMMER CLOTHES! Comfortable, light clothes. Students receive a list of formal clothes that they need, and you may want to bring two or three dressier items for events such as Midway, dinners, etc. DO NOT bring expensive clothing, as it may not make it home in the same condition. Bring comfortable shoes (tennis shoes, flip flops and sandals). Bring bathing suits! And one small cardigan if you chill easily, as it dips down to 17 degrees Celsius on ‘cold winter’ nights.
  2. You should each have a laptop, or some sort of computer device. Students will need them, and you will probably need one at home to keep in touch with family, other SOS members, and to stay sane! There is no place for public computer access. Many students also purchase iPads or other tablet computers so they can take notes directly on the slides. 
  3. External Hard Drive to back up your computers.
  4. An extra charger for your computer. The current on the island is not regulated, and can sometimes ruin a charger or battery.
  5. Surge protectors to plug in anything that may need protection from shorts, such as your computer.
  6. Students should bring any notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters and paper – it’s cheaper than buying them here. If you have a printer, make sure to bring extra ink cartridges, as you probably won’t find them on the island.
  7. Any medications that you take on a regular basis. Depending on the medication and your pharmacy, you may be able to get enough for four months to a year.
  8. If you are a big reader, look into an e-reader. This will save you a lot of money if you are bringing books in your suitcase, and you can usually borrow e-books through online libraries.
  9. Any snacks that you really like – they may not have them here.
  10. Any seasoning that you really like to cook with. You can get the basics here (most spices can be found in ‘blends’), but if there is something special than you may want to bring it (ex. individual jars of Italian seasoning – oregano, rosemary, etc.)
  11. An alarm clock, both electric and battery operated, as the power goes out sometimes without warning.
  12. Small hand-held flashlight or camping lantern
  13. Any special products that you absolutely cannot do without for hair/skin/makeup.
  14. A good lunchbox or bag for your SO, as it’s so much cheaper for students to pack a lunch every day instead of buy it.
  15. A good backpack for your SO! Find one with a laptop slot, and don’t go cheap. They use it every day, and your laptop needs to be protected. Cheaper ones will also disintegrate here due to the high humidity and constant use.


  1. For children, bring Benadryl, baby advil or tylenol, and a good first aid kit. The pharmacy isn’t open at night or on Sundays. Tell your paediatrician where you’re going. The hospital here is very limited, and only prescribes amoxicillin for infections. If you need to bring antibiotics, make sure they come in powder form in a sealable container. Check with your paediatrician. 
  2. Bring your child’s health records for vaccinations, etc.
  3. It gets VERY warm here even in the ‘winter’, and your child will be wearing mostly summer clothes. They will probably only need one or two sweaters for night time. You should bring a hat and water shoes for days at the beach.
  4. Bring enough diapers, wipes and formula to last at least one semester. This should give you plenty of time to figure out how you want to purchase your next round. It takes a while to set up diaper orders, etc., and depending on how you order, it may take a month or more for them to arrive.
  5. Bring any toys, special movies, games, crafts, etc. for your child to keep them entertained. Bring inflatable water toys if you plan to go to the Cove a lot, as they don’t sell them on the island.
  6. Check with your landlord to see if you will need to bring a crib. Some landlords have them, but most do not. You can also check with the SOS to see if any members are selling theirs as they leave or their kids grow, but you will probably have to bring one.
  7. A plastic crib mattress instead of fabric or foam, as mold will grow on them.
  8. If your child is small, bring a light-weight jogging or all-terrain stroller, as it is too dangerous and difficult for small children to walk. A baby backpack or carrier can also be very helpful for days out.
  9. A booster seat or high chair. Rumour is IKEA sells a high chair that fits into your suitcase!

Note: many parents find that it is impossible to bring everything they require for their children with them on the plane or ferry. Most will send a crate down a few months early so it is waiting for them when they arrive.


  1. Canned food or bottled water. You can get this on the island for a reasonable price.
  2. Laundry soap or cleaning supplies.
  3. Lots of warm clothes or jackets. One cardigan will be enough if you chill easily.
  4. Lots of DVDs. Many movies are shared, and ICS has movie rentals. Netflix also works here… sometimes.
  5. Sunblock/bug spray, you can buy those here.
  6. Furniture/dishes/cutlery/sheets/pillows/whatever. Rental houses come furnished! However, if you have that special pillow or blender or pan you can’t live without, bring it. The hardware store stocks most basic cookers – rice cookers, slow cookers, blenders, etc. If you find that your rental house doesn’t have it and you need it. You can also order items through their website if the store doesn’t stock it.

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